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Facilities & Infrastructure



Chemistry Laboratory – The school has well equipped chemistry lab almost all apparatus as prescribed by C.B.S.E. syllabus. The laboratory has all necessary chemicals and glassware so as to carry out the experiments mentioned in the syllabus at the middle, secondary and senior secondary levels. We have two PGTS and TGTS’. The lab instructors take necessary precautions while the students use the chemicals or other equipments that may be dangerous.

Physics Laboratory – The school has well equipped physical laboratory to conduct the practical session of class IX to XII classes. It has all apparatus those may be needed to carry out all types of experiments mentioned in the syllabus according to C.B.S.E. curriculum. The lab has black board to provide some theoretical tips to the students while doing their experiments. There are so many charts related to different topics. The lab instructors pay attention and direct the students to handle heavy and risky equipments.

Biology Laboratory – The school has well equipped Biology lab with specimens and models of various plants and animals to impart knowledge to students. It has charts of all the important topics, which are used by the teachers as teaching aids. It has modern microscope, chemicals and glassware so as to carry out experiments at the middle secondary and senior secondary levels.

computer lab

Computer Laboratory – The school has two computer labs with comfortable furniture providing an excellent environment to class one to XII. There are 46 computer systems with latest configuration including hardware and software. The lab has internet connection and provides internet facility to every student. Computer has been included as a compulsory subject for classes I to VIII and optional subject for IX to XII. There are six computer teachers to provide necessary help to students.



Reading makes a complete man

The library is well planned with sufficient arrangements of comfortable furniture. The school’s librarian maintains the reading environment in the library to help the readers in order to select the appropriate book. The sitting arrangement is for 60 students. Books are issued for one week to one student. There are a lot of reference books those are educative, informative, recreational and inspiring. Different kinds of dailies and periodicals are available for the students.

Art & Craft

Art is the best medium of expression. It brings about the harmonious development of a child’s personality.


Music is an integral part of our curriculum. The students learn both vocal and instrumental music in the School-Music-Hall where music concerts are held.

Transport Facility:

Bus facility is available at reasonable rate. Buses ply from all corners of the city and adjacent localities.