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Message From Executive Director

When we change ourselves, we change the world around us. What we do and what we are linked is dynamic cycle. As rational beings we can consciously change our thinking pattern and behavior. Hence, change is the variety of the nature. After, the departure of the Founder-Director, I have been willingly undertaking the responsibilities managerial and shouldering efficiently unceasingly. The school has been running without its authenticity till 2005 but I dared to give the institution recognition which got composite affiliation in the year 2006 up to Class X. Since then the institution has been giving unsurpassed results of Class X. Now that, there was a demand of (+2) senior secondary school from parents. My continuous endeavor has brought composite affiliation of Senior Secondary from the year 2010. Now the school is prone to run the higher class of XI and XII in the Science, Commerce and Arts stream with extreme hope. The students will have been imparted by a group of excellent teachers.

The Managing Committee is packed up to start B.Ed. College, Engineering, I.T.I., Polytechnic and Medical Colleges too. It is my enthusiasm and zeal to accomplish the long awaited demand of the society very soon.

I hope Vidya Vihar will pace up accordingly the need of the society and nation. I ascertain that each and every day will be the day of attainments, come forward with spreading heads of co-operation and fine suggestions.

Ran Bijay Prasad Singh,
Executive Director
S. K. P. Vidya Vihar, Bhagalpur